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Why the MindFrame Technique?

We offer you the following:

  • No obligations - We offer a free 2 hour introductory seminar.
  • The MindFrame Technique takes you a step further than other Alpha courses that are presently taught. It is more in depth and the Technique is put into practice immediately.
  • DIY life improvement skills that are guaranteed for life.
  • All of our products come with a 100 % Satisfaction Guarantee to ensure that you understand and succeed in your objectives of mastering your mind. All backup and support is free of charge.

This is a lifetime investment - in yourself!

Do you feel that your life is a constant struggle? Battling to pay accounts, bored of your job, tired of struggling, tired of the daily routine, feeling drained, nothing seems to be going your way, failed relationships, general frustrations about life; the list is endless.
Maybe you are at your wits end and are about to throw in the towel or maybe you already have given up. Even so, there is hope of course because you found this website and are now ready to solve your problems and take control of your life.

After many years of ongoing research at the Foundation, the Technique has been refined and improved on. Our mission is to make available to the general public this simple, yet powerful technique of Self Mastery.

Improve and heal yourself.

This is the ultimate DIY course. We give you the initial instructions on how to use the Technique and from there on you are the master of your life. Though you are not alone in your self improvement endeavours; we provide support and backup should you need any advice or help.

The simplicity of the Technique is what many people find unbelievable. How can something so simple have such a dramatic effect? The results speak for themselves.

Terry Winchester teaches all the seminars personally and his list of appointments include Founder member of the British National Council of Psychotherapists, Master Hypnotist (The Hypnosis Institute, New York) and more. He has made a TV appearance on the Felicia Show and been a guest speaker on numerous radio shows.

You cannot afford to miss this opportunity of a lifetime. Book a seminar now or you may purchase from our online shop.

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An introduction to how the mind works, what Mind Power is and what can be achieved.

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