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What is the MindFrame Technique?

This is a technique that turns your life around.

How does it turn your life around?
All problems are due to misperceptions and with this Technique you can access the relaxed sub-conscious mind, identify those faulty thought patterns that are causing the problems and turn them around.

How do you identify 'faulty thought patterns'?
You simply look at any negative emotion you are experiencing at any given time and behind that emotion is a faulty thought pattern. Most of these patterns originate from your childhood. It has been discovered through 25 years of research at the Winchester Foundation that you don't have to go back to your childhood to change these thought patterns. You just change the updated version.

How do you change the 'updated' version?
Through deep relaxation you can access the 'Alpha' state of mind, which is commonly known as the sub-conscious. All your experiences since birth are recorded in the sub-conscious as thought patterns. These patterns can be changed regardless of how long ago they were formed.

How does it work?

The five steps of The MindFrame Technique will enable you to reach the deep subconscious level of mind and teach you to re-program your life for health wealth and happiness.

Step 1 - Deep relaxation

By entering at the deep 'alpha' state your body will relax completely and your mind will become calm. This first step, in itself, affords you that blissful refreshing rest that we all cherish so much. It is even better than natural sleep because you are in complete control and can turn it on or off at will.

Step 2 - The mental mirror

This simple mechanism enables you to identify your problem and turn it around. As all problems start in the mind and are caused by misperceptions, you have the power at any given moment to choose to reverse your negative pattern. With this method, your problem is gone forever no matter how long it has plagued you for. Whatever image you hold before you will come about.

Step 3 - The finger trigger

The finger trigger is a simple mechanism that will enable you to snap out of any negative frame of mind at any moment simply by clicking the fingers. Once you have installed this trigger into the subconscious mind you literally have the controls at your fingertips and can turn any negative condition into a positive, happy outcome.

Step 4 - The water trigger

The water trigger serves as a back up for the finger trigger. If for any reason you neglect to nip your negative thought pattern in the bud and find yourself in your negative mode again, you simply apply the water trigger. Your problem is automatically reversed and your new positive self-image is energized.

Step 5 - Meditation

This final step deepens your relaxation state and your ability to concentrate your mind: creating tremendous power for your creative process. As well as releasing your untapped potential, it leads to the ultimate goal of mankind, which is to realize the 'True Self'.

Once these five steps have been installed into the subconscious mind with The MindFrame Technique, you then have all the tools you need to achieve any goal and to turn around any bad habit. You can now begin to manifest the health, wealth and happiness that is your birthright.
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