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Dear Terry and Team

I would like to say a big thank you for the eye-opening experience that the MindFrame Technique has brought into my life.

I suffered from depression and anxiety for two years and, after getting
through each day with anti-depressants, it is a relief to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. One gets despondent thinking that they have to live with this condition for the rest of their life yet, with this technique, you can turn it around and enjoy life as it is meant to be enjoyed.

For the first time in two years I actually felt like my old self and it was
one of the most amazing feelings. My appreciation of being happy can't be put into words. Life is even more beautiful than before and now it is time to start living and not struggling with depression.All I can say is that it works and, damn, it is a good feeling...!

- W Grant - South Africa

Having been under extreme pressure, both at work and at home, for the past two and a half years, taking care of a bed-ridden family member whilst holding down a demanding and pressurised job, it has been impossible to take a holiday or have a break of any kind.

I started having panic attacks and tinnitis about six months ago and refused to take any kind of medication. Having bought the MindFrame Technique CD Box Set some time ago, I started working through the process again. A week later I suddenly realised that I was no longer having panic attacks and the tinnitis has miraculously disappeared!

I am continuing to use the Technique regularly, particularly for any stressful or difficult situations.
- LJL - South Africa

My company had hit a low point on sales and no matter how hard I worked, nothing seemed to improve. I then visualized better working relationships, increased sales and productivity and haven't looked back.
- B. Helskin, South Africa

Thanks Terry for a life changing experience!

- Eve - Dublin, Ireland

Am much more relaxed and calmer about situations. I think first before I respond to a situation.
- Bobby, U.S.A.

Before 31 May 2001 I was very successful, had a great job, had all that I needed, was healthy, almost a perfect life. Then a few months later I received some penicillin, which caused an allergic reaction and nearly cost me my life. I was hospitalised and injected with large amounts of cortisone. I left the hospital and continued life as normal. One night suddenly whilst sitting in a restaurant I felt dizzy and wanting to faint, I went home and it passed.

Slowly I started to feel dizzy each day, uneasy and was tired until I went back to hospital where I suffered from numerous attacks of pins and needles in my left arm and couldn't breathe. I honestly thought I was dying. I was then examined by a physician and sent to a psychiatrist who diagnosed me with Panic Disorder and gave me tranquilizers and anti-depressants.

These I remained on and coped with my so-called condition. Time went by and things got worse until the dizziness was so bad, the tiredness to overwhelming that I resigned from my job not being able to work anymore. I decided to sort myself out and started from the top of my body and started seeing specialists to see if anyone of them could find out what was wrong. I went to the following:

- Hospital for CT Scan & MRI Scan - Results clear
- Eye Specialist - Results Clear
- ENT Specialist - Results Clear
- Numerous ECG & EEG's - Results Clear
- Cardiologist - Results Clear
- Gastrointrologist - Results Clear
- Chiropractor - Results Clear
- Homeopath - Remedies did not work.
- Blood Tests for almost everything - Results Clear

After all these I was no better and my wife suggested seeing a hypnotherapist. I then came to see Terry with nothing to lose and was astounded to be told that my problem was simple and would only take 5 sessions. Well 5 sessions later I was almost back to normal, had a different perspective and understanding of life and am working again and doing almost everything I use to do. I even have flown a few times with hardly any anxiousness where normally I was a nervous wreck.

The Alpha and Delta Seminar was fantastic and is spiritually changing and I recommend anyone to attend. Unfortunately words cannot describe it you need to experience it.
- Clint du Plessis - JHB, South Africa

Total change, could not have survived with out it.
- Miss L. Hathaway, South Africa

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