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Realise your full potential – be your own therapist

What is hypnosis?

‘Hypno’ is the Greek word for sleep. So ‘Hypnotherapy’ means sleep therapy.

How does it work?

By entering this deep relaxation or ‘sleep state’ you can access the subconscious and turn around any negative patterns that are causing blockages to your health wealth and happiness.

How do you do this? 

The revolutionary MindFrame Technique enables you to hypnotize yourself in the comfort of your own home and learn to turn all your problems around with the click of your fingers.  

What is the first step to turn my life around?

There are 5 ways to master the MindFrame Technique:
  1. MindFrame online
  2. The Book
  3. The Complete Box
  4. The 8 hour seminar
  5. Private therapy sessions. Contact us to make an appointment.

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